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Shannon Morgan, Documentary Photographer

As a child I loved art and by the third grade I loved photography.  When I was nine years old I directed my first photo shoot and by thirteen I was in the darkroom 

developing and printing my own images by hand.  You could say I fell in love pretty early.  


In 2005, while completing an Associates in Photojournalism at Randolph Community College, I began to shoot freelance for The Charlotte Observer and The Lexington Dispatch.  I loved the daily hustle of working in a newsroom but then decided it was time to go back to school to complete my undergraduate degree.  In 2010 I completed my Bachelor's in Art with a minor in Women's and Genders Studies at The University of North Carolina Charlotte while working as the Chief Photo Editor for The University Times. Since then my creative focus has been on self-motivated projects, freelance and personal work. 


My style is both documentary and conceptual, while also being intensely personal with a great appreciation for natural light and spontaneous moments. I believe there is something endlessly beautiful in capturing fleeting moments and stopping time if only for a split second. A few of my inspirations would include the photography of Sally Mann and above all else my son, Waylon.

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